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vp-sp03XPOGO Edition – Dude Perfect2016-05-26_1625212016-05-26_1626232016-05-26_1627162016-05-26_1628102016-05-26_163130
Xpogo Edition Dude Perfect

Xpogo Edition Dude Perfect

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vp-sp06World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!2016-05-26_1607212016-05-26_1607452016-05-26_1608042016-05-26_1608512016-05-26_160908

World’s Greatest Drag Race 2

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Michael Douglas Talks About Season 3 of ‘Kominsky Method And

Oscar winner Michael Douglas joins TODAY live from Spain to talk about the final season of his series “The Kominsky Method,” which will include a guest appearance by Morgan Freeman. He also talks about he and Catherine Zeta-Jones becoming empty nesters, the death of his father Kirk Douglas a year ago, and reuniting with Kathleen…

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